Tax Preparation Services

Tax Preparation Services.  Call (702) 524-0553 for a free consultation or if you just have a question.

Las Vegas Corporate Tax Service provides tax preparation services for individuals, small businesses and corporations.  Las Vegas Corporate Tax Service is  independently owned and operated, guaranteeing each client will receive personalized, one on one service; a critical aspect of ensuring all required filings are completed accurately and on time.  We are open year round to assist you.

Call 702.524.0553 for additional information on  Tax Preparation Services provided by Las Vegas Corporate Tax Service.

8 thoughts on “Tax Preparation Services

  1. valchek

    Been dreading the annual tax season for a very long time. Thankfully I stumbled upon Linda Trantham and her aggressive, accurate, and “git-er-dun” approach last year. No, I won’t ever look forward to paying the IRS…..but I’m not apprehensive or worried anymore since I got her help.



  3. Monica

    Linda has been doing my taxes for almost ten years and started/manages all the paperwork for our non-profit. She provides excellent customized services for all your financial/business needs. I do not have to think about deadlines, forms or updates that are needed throughout the year- it’s all taken care of for me. She is honest, reliable, timely and accurate in all her work- I highly recommend her services to anyone, we are truly blessed to have her.

  4. Stacie

    I am a bookkeeper and had some accounts that needed taxes filed; an individual, a corporate account and a non profit. Linda was very knowledgeable it getting everything filed quickly and to the greatest benefit of my clients. She was very responsive and personable. I will use her service again in the future. Thank You Linda!

  5. Paul

    I am a foreigner who wanted to create a US corporation, hold inventory in Las Vegas and sell online.
    Linda helped me do all of that.
    Some of the IRS Return questions are complicated around related parties and transfer pricing but Linda has worked through them all.
    My company has been with Linda for four years now.
    She is very good.

  6. Paul

    I am a foreigner with a unique product I wanted to offer to US customers. I did some research on US taxes and decided Nevada was the best state for me to do business in.
    Then I found Linda, who helped me incorporate a new company, and open a US bank account. Could not have done it without her help. That was four years ago. Now Linda helps our company lodge returns with Nevada and the IRS. She is very thorough. I can recommend Linda to anyone starting a new business.

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