All businesses must register and maintain compliance with the Nevada Department of Taxation.

Las Vegas Corporate Tax Service, (702) 524-0553, has helped several businesses regain and maintain compliance with the Nevada Department of Taxation.

All businesses must register with the Nevada Department of Taxation. Many businesses, such as some in the service industry, will not be collecting sales tax.  However, you are still required to register your business with the Nevada Department of Taxation.

If your business does sell taxable goods in the State of Nevada, you are required to forward the amount of tax collected to the Department of Taxation.

When forwarding the sales tax your business collects, it must be accompanied by a “Sales & Use Tax Return.”  The amount of your taxable sales will determine your required filing frequency, which is usually on a monthly or quarterly basis.

If your business  has a “Sales & Use Tax Permit” on file with the Department of Taxation, you must file a Sales & Use Tax Return even if the amount of tax collected is zero.

If your business is not compliant with The Nevada Department of Taxation, Las Vegas Corporate Tax Service can represent your business before the Department to help you regain compliance.

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