Finding a Tax Preparer

Finding a Tax Preparer-The Initial Meeting with the Preparer should be at no cost to you!

Corporate Taxes 702.524.0553 Las Vegas
Corporate Taxes 702.524.0553 Las Vegas


During your meeting, find out what credentials the Preparer has, such as,

  • How much experience they have
  • If the Preparer is self-employed, they are required to have a State of Nevada, Nevada Department of Taxation and City of Las Vegas or Clark County License.
  • Any Preparer who files more than 10 tax returns for compensation must;
  1. Have a valid PTIN, (Preparer Tax Identification Number) issued by the IRS each year.
  2. Be an IRS Authorized e~File Provider. In order to become an Authorized e~File Provider, an application, and the applicant’s fingerprints, must be submitted to the IRS.  Once the IRS completes the background check and determines the individual has been found suitable, they will issue the applicant an EFIN, (Electronic Filing Identification Number.)  This EFIN allows the Preparer to purchase IRS approved Tax Software.  This software is not for sale to the general public, and is much more expensive!
  • A Tax Preparer’s credentials should always be printed on the bottom of the second page of your completed tax return.
  • Tax Preparer’s should never base their fees on the amount of your refund.
  • The Preparer is required to e~File your return. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, and a good Preparer will know what the exceptions are!
  • Find out what the Preparer’s availability is. Will you be able to get in touch with him/her when tax season is over?  Many taxpayers’ receive letters from the IRS AFTER tax season and discover they cannot find their Preparer.

The IRS has a new system which allows all taxpayers to search online for a Tax Preparer.  Simply go to and type in the search box “Finding a Tax Preparer.”